Antioxidant Lightening Serum
Renew your radiance

Antioxidant Lightening Serum

Renew your radiance

This skin brightening serum helps reduce signs of pigmentation prevents further pigmentation and has an anti- inflammatory effect on the skin. An oil free hydrator, it helps in the prevention of free radical damage.

Antioxidant Lightening Serum
8 Reviews

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The Result

Lighter, brighter skin.
Antioxidant Lightening Serum
Lightens pigmentation
Prevents further pigmentation
Antioxidant Lightening Serum
Vitamin C
Antioxidant Lightening Serum

Directions for use

Apply to clean skin morning and evening. Follow with SPF in the am and we recommend night cream in the pm. This serum is ideal for daily use and a must when undergoing advanced skin treatments or laser hair removal on the face. Lightening serum is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
8 reviews for Antioxidant Lightening Serum
  1. Christina Banyon

    love this light weight serum!
    This really makes a difference to my skin: it feels,
    smooth, hydrated, and has greatly helped with the hyperpigmentation.

  2. Sarah Murray

    Absolutely love this product, my skin looks flawless. It has given me my confidence back. Thank you

  3. Sarah K

    I have noticed a huge difference in my pigmentation across my forehead, it is lightweight and blends so well with my moisturiser. I have been using now for 12 weeks and really starting to see significant changes

  4. Abbie

    This is brilliant, Really helped lighten areas where I had pigmentation.

  5. Layla Choudhry

    Amazing product! Blends in so well with my moisture and my skin looks so hydrated.

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